Welcome to the Third Men Podcast

The Kaminski brothers welcome you to the unofficial Jack White fan HQ podcast – “The Third Men”, where we take an in-depth look at the world of modern rock pioneer and torch-bearer, Jack White.

What does that mean? Let’s walk it through:

Mission Statement:

  • To explore Jack White’s music and history through weekly topics ranging from album analysis to Third Man Records recording acts and beyond.
    • We know the music, we’re learning the history.

Format: Each episode centers around a topic that is connected to/including Jack White. This includes:

  • Stripes/Racs/Weather/Solo records
  • New releases
    • Vault Openings every 3 months
  • Third Man Records recording acts
  • Records Jack White contributed toward or produced in a significant way
  • People connected to Jack 
  • Records or groups that heavily influenced/inspired Jack White
  • Special guests
  • Instruments
  • Venues
  • Concert Tours
  • Record Labels
  • Jack Beefs
    • and more!

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