Episode 122 – Lazaretto: Analysis & Review vol.2

How’s quarantine going? Drinking gasoline again? Well, behave yourself (!) and listen to the second installment in the three-part epic we could only call – LAZARETTO: Album Analysis & Review! When last we left our deep dive, the massive success and excess creative energy brought about by the Blunderbuss project gave way to instrumental sessions that would eventually evolve into Jack White’s second solo album. With lyrics cribbed from some teenage hand-scribbles discovered in White’s attic, Lazaretto at last came to life in the early summer months of 2014 – to massive sales and fanfare. This episode, we welcome special guest Ryan Brady (Take it Away: the Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast) back to the show to walk through the entire track listing of Lazaretto with us as we spelunk the cavernous depths of Jack White’s infinite imagination. (But that’s not all Ryan will be helping us do! Tune in May 15th for the continuation of Ryan, Paul and James’ Lazaretto discussion on the NOW HEAR THIS podcast!) All this, plus album reception, the answer to the mystery cover shoot location, Dirk the Butt Guy, our own personal rating of the album and much, much more awaits you in this massive lily pad of an episode. So pour yourself just one drink and bring those troubles of yours right down to their knees – we’re here fighting for your love on the Third Men Podcast!

Available on:

Acast: https://shows.acast.com/5add08bb42c6787759cf4c2a/episodes/lazaretto-analysis-review-vol2

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