BONUS – Lazaretto: Now Hear This

Buckle up for a BONUS EPISODE! We were going to stop at two parts for our LAZARETTO ALBUM ANALYSIS & REVIEW series, but hey – we’re built for speed like a black castrum doloris! So while every electrified bone in our respective brains are still focused on Jack White’s sophomore solo album supreme, we proudly present a special bonus chapter in the form of a crossover with our sister show NOW HEAR THIS. In episode 122 of The Third Men Podcast, you heard us walk through the Lazaretto track listing with Ryan Brady (Take it Away: The Complete Paul McCartney Archive Podcast) – well get ready for a longer discussion with Ryan as we serve up a Jack White overview to the great album exchange – the Now Hear This Podcast! For those of you who haven’t yet listened, Now Hear This is an album review show wherein Paul and Ryan trade records for the other to listen to in each episode, and this week Lazaretto is up bat (to black bat, you might say). So head on over to your favorite pod-catcher of choice and download Now Hear This episode 18 (season 2, episode 5) or follow the links below to catch more color commentary (blue, white and black only, please) on one of the wildest rock and roll albums of the modern era. And as always, BEHAVE YOURSELF!

Available on:


Now hear this:



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