Episode 137 – TMR 2020 feat. Ben Blackwell

Ben Blackwell is back! As the calendar year 2020 draws to a close, we here at the Third Men Podcast are once again on a quest to look back at the music, art and output from Third Man Records over what turned out to be a challenging but prolific 12 months. True, this year was a heap of scalding trash, but TMR was a beacon of joy and music in an otherwise dismal affair – and damn it, we’re going to celebrate that! To help us out, TMR co-founder, co-owner and resident psychedelic warlock Ben Blackwell joins us to elaborate on the big events going on in the world of Third Man – and BOY are there some highlights this year! From releases with legendary artists like Prince, Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney (!!!) to the amazing series of Vault packages released, to a new canonical mass-market White Stripes album (the group’s first-ever Greatest Hits collection), Jack, the Bens and co. have been up to their usual masterful tricks despite everything else that this year threw at them. In this episode you’ll hear what album Ben was most excited about, which song Jack White cocked an eyebrow at on the Greatest Hits, and which episode of the Third Men Podcast Ben didn’t think we got all-the-way wrong! All that and much more await you in this special 2020 retrospective, and we’d like to extend a huge thanks to Mr. Blackwell for not only appearing once more on the show (his third time!) but for all the wonderful art he helped bring into the world this year. Cheers to Third Man, and cheers to 2021 — Happy New Year, everybody!

Available on:

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