Episode 139 – Dodge and Burn: Analysis & Review vol.1

We. Feel. Looooooove for The Dead Weather! And what better way to show it than with a deep-dive into this spooky super-group’s excellent third album: DODGE AND BURN! In part one of a two-part podcast epic, The Third Men (that’s us) are shining a light on what Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Little Jack Lawrence were up to from 2013 to 2015, and how a scattered series of break-neck sessions lead to this surprising addition to the Third Man catalog. Of course Jack White fans are quite accustomed to spontaneity and surprises – but would you believe that the surprising thing about this record was that…it was no surprise? That’s right, as we explore the origin of Dodge and Burn we’ll soak in the wild history of one of the only albums in Jack’s canon to carry with it a multi-year concept that was planned out, promoted, executed, and (more or less) completed as intended. And that’s not the only oddity that this third Dead Weather record brought to the table! With no touring support, a largely pre-recorded round of promotional materials and an uncharacteristic lack-of-Jack at the forefront of the press, Dodge and Burn stands out as a delightful, expertly executed but WEIRD chapter in TMR history! Joining on this journey is returning guest Jessi from the Porch Podcast (a wonderful show which details a different Pearl Jam cut in each episode!) to talk all things Dead Weather — plus the challenges and triumphs of operating a record store during a pandemic. We think this album is an impossible winner and we hope you’ll don your rough detective caps and open up to the masterful musical madness that awaits in this episode! What we know about havin’ a podcast? We’re crazy. 

Available on:

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