Episode 140 – Dodge and Burn: Analysis & Review vol.2

Open up, that’s not enough! We’ve been counting the mile markers between last episode, and this episode — because we’re so excited to be back with the second installment of our 2-part DODGE AND BURN album analysis and review! As we learned in part one, The Dead Weather’s third LP release is full of oddities and curiosities (like the band itself) and this time around we’re taking a tour through each track to uncover even more secrets. When Jack White, Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita and Little Jack Lawrence get together you know you’re in for some fierce-sounding songs that play to each band member’s respective strengths – but on Dodge and Burn the band takes things a step further, even going so far as to finish the album with a full-blown power pop ballad! From the irresistible weirdness & rhythm of Three Dollar Hat, to the smokey atmosphere of Rough Detective, to the rock and roll fury that is I Feel Love (Every Million Miles), we consider this album’s tunes to be amongst the band’s best – and we hope you’ll join us for this in-depth exploration of all 12 masterful cuts. We’ll also take a look at the album’s reception, share some final thoughts from the band about their trajectory from the time, and rate the record using our patented (it’s not) rating system. Joining us for the rating is our friend Jessi from the Porch Podcast, the first Third Men guest in our show’s history to help rate a record with us! This one is a lot of fun, so get all that buzz-kill energy out the door – because we won’t be long, we’re no beginners. We’ll be here Wednesday night, our pod up just ri-i-ight! The Im(pod)sible Winners!

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