Episode 150 – Four Years of Chances feat. Nick Harvey

We’re sittin’ on top of the world…because it’s the season 5 finale of The Third Men Podcast – AND our landmark 150th episode! That’s TWO big things. But of course, in the Jack White tradition, we need a third big thing…so for this special milestone episode we present to you an extended discussion with musician, podcaster, and Atlantic Records marketing mastermind Nick Harvey! Earlier in the year, Paul joined Nick and co-host Eric Daino on their wonderful Adventure Time podcast titled Adventure Guys, and in that episode an interesting discussion began: what role did the four years of high school and the four years of college play in the development of our respective musical tastes? Does an artist who waits four years between releases miss out on an entire generation of possible fans? How does an aging fanbase affect the trajectory of an artist’s style? Do the musical prejudices we can sometimes carry with us in our youth grow out of us as adults…or do those divisions only grow stronger over time? These questions and more are the subject of today’s 150th episode we had to title “Four Years of Chances” – in which we seek to trace our own musical evolution through stories, melodies and experiences of distant playlists past. At Atlantic Records, fostering fandom is top of mind for Nick, who serves as Marketing Director and has spent the last decade entrenched in nearly every aspect of the music business. Nick is also on hand to give us his perspective on Jack White’s career, as well as the many achievements racked up by Third Man Records in their own 12 years of carefully curated activity. Our thanks go to Nick Harvey for joining us this week, and to everyone who has helped the Third Men Podcast continue to grow and thrive these past 150 episodes. To our listeners, our guests, and the wonderful crew at Third Man Records, we owe a great debt of gratitude – and we look forward to paying it forward when we return for season 6 this September!

Available on:

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