Episode 154 – Taking Me Back…To Rock’n’Roll High School

We’re TAKING YOU BACK to the Third Men Podcast! Jack White’s first new solo music in over 3 years is finally here, and we’re excited to deep dive into the new single, its gentle B-side, and speculate on what’s yet to come! In the reflective spirit of Taking Me Back, we’re also celebrating the new by delving into what came before… as we take you back to a little place we call Rock’n’Roll High School. Across geography and generations, the high school experience is rich with the musical discovery and experimentation that help forge lifelong tastes. Jack’s time at Cass Tech is a prime example of just how important those late teen years can be, and this week we’re enlisting the help of some very special guests to walk us through their own respective high school eras. First up is listener Nick Langford, whose furious shredding helped inspire recent episodes such as Anatomy of a Fandom and Open Show 2021. Next — fresh off of the release of his band The Bootheels new collection 1988: The Original Demos (featuring bandmates Jakob Dylan, Tobi Miller and Aaron A. Brooks) singer/songwriter/musician Luther Russell is on hand to reflect on his own teen music experience. When he’s not releasing solo music, playing with groups such as Those Pretty Wrongs and The Freewheelers, or writing songs for bands such as Weezer, Luther lays down some serious rock’n’roll knowledge on music podcasts far and wide – and he’s here to illuminate our discussion here today. We’re so thrilled to be joined by Luther and Nick on this special episode, and hope you all dig our venture back into Rock’n’Roll High School!

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More from The Bootheels: http://omnivorerecordings.com/shop/1988-the-original-demos/

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