The Third Men podcast is a fan-made, not-for-profit, just for fun celebration of Jack White, and is in no way directly affiliated with Third Man Records or the man himself. For the definitive history of Jack White and his music, please consult your local Jack White. And for everyone else lookin’ for a home, you found one here, in a place so seedy. Enjoy!


For more information, or to contact the show, visit  e-mail at ThirdMenPodcast@gmail.com. Also visit @ThirdMenCast on twitter, and search The Third Men on facebook. 

Mission Statement:

  • To explore Jack White’s music and history through weekly topics ranging from album analysis to Third Man Records recording acts and beyond.
    • We know the music, we’re learning the history.
  • But we’re also a coupla goofballs so, y’know, there’s that.


Format: Each episode centers around a given topic that is connected to/including Jack White. This includes:

  • Stripes/Racs/Weather/Solo records
  • New releases!
    • Vault Openings every 3 months
  • Third Man Records recording acts
  • Records Jack White contributed toward or produced in a significant way
  • Records or groups that heavily influenced/inspired Jack White
    • Examples:
      • Flat Duo Jets
      • Blind Willie McTell
  • Special guests:
    • Each episode features a “third man” of the week to offer insight and to tell us when we’re being crazy.
  • Instruments
  • Venues
  • Concert Tours
  • Record Labels
  • Jack Beefs


  • In addition to the weekly topics, well also have peppered in…
    • Song of the week
    • Rag ‘n’ Bone
      • weird Jack stuff we learned that week
    • Stop Breakin’ Down
      • where we apologize for all the stuff we got wrong!
    • Jack White: What Are You Wearing?
      • there’s some bizarre fashion choices made over the years, let’s gaze into the abyss, shall we?
    • Treat Me Like Your Father
      • Where our dad comes on the show to put us in our place
    • And more to come!


  • The brothers Kaminski, James and Paul
    • Fans on a mission.